The world of work is changing at a pace that is unprecedented

Time is limited. Time is precious. Time is irreplaceable.

The pressure on lawyers to provide more, for less time, is growing. 

Staying organised and learning how to be productive will become a crucial skillset for all lawyers in this fast-paced, noisy world.

Yes, productivity is a skill that can be learnt and developed.

Is this course suitable for you?

Those legal professionals who want to become high performers.

Let's face it, being a legal professional comes with a lot of pressure and demands on your time and as a result, your wellbeing. 

But what is a 'high performer'? 

We all know those people who simply get more done in the same amount of time, or who are just more effective, or efficient at doing the same tasks. 

High performers simply produce more, by being more efficient and effective with their time than their counterparts. As a result, these high performers are able to get ahead faster than other people. 

Is it time to reclaim your day? 

To reclaim your life? 

Take back control? 

Is it time to live your life with a true sense of purpose? 

Be honest about it. Because it’s going to dictate whether or not you’re going to ever reach your full potential.

By taking this course, you will learn:

  • The 3 driving factors of inbox flow (this is the best strategy for getting control of your inbox)
  • How to work effectively with the real limitations of your brain (and why knowing this will help you prioritise more effectively)
  • The ‘Re-Fuel System’… you'll learn the 4 ways that people refuel and which suits you best
  • The 9 biggest time hacks that can save you 90 minutes today!
  • The R.R.A project planning method - it's a simple one-page system that will help you get clear and motivated around your priorities
  • You’ll walk away feeling energized, excited and equipped to achieve more impact and fulfillment in your life than ever before

How productive have you been in the last couple of weeks?


This program is designed to move you from stage 1, 2 or 3 into stage 4, 5 and 6 of the model below:

Here's what you'll discover

Module 1

MINDSET – Work with your brain

In this section you'll discover:

  • How to work effectively with the real limitations of your brain (and why knowing this will help you prioritise more effectively)
  • Why productivity has nothing to do with managing time and everything to do with priorities 
  • The high achievers formula for getting motivated (this will help you get out of bed in the morning energised and excited)
  • You’ll walk away informed, energised and equipped with the mindset to be mega productive.

Module 2

ALIGNMENT – Know where you're going

In this section you'll discover:

  • How to create "Thematic Goals" (this one exercise alone is possibly one of the most valuable processes you'll go through)
  • The R.R.A project planning method - it's a simple one page system that will help you get clear and motivated around your most meaningful projects 
  • The secret to making your year mega productive… you're about to carve out your calendar and make sure your most important priorities are locked in!
  • You’ll walk away with a sense of clarity, excitement and energy to get real momentum in this year

Module 3

IMPLEMENTATION – Get things done fast

In this section you'll discover:

  • The power of focus (How to use the 3 driving forces to create a massive focus and power)
  • The 9 biggest time hacks that can save you 90 minutes today…just one hack alone saved me 90 minutes today! 
  • The ‘weekly planning method’- this simple system will show you how to map your week out to get the most bang for your buck

Module 4

ENERGY – Fill your fuel tanks

In this section you'll discover:

  • How to ride your energy wave - It’s a fantastic way of mapping out your energy during the day, so that you can optimise the best times to work and rest
  • Where your energy pockets are in the day (and how to protect them) 
  • The ‘Re-Fuel System’… you'll discover the 4 ways that people refuel and which suits you best
  • How to transition from one activity to another (this 3 step system will help you leave the office mentally, not just physically. So you can go home and be present with your family) 

Module 5

ENVIRONMENT – Design your world intelligent

In this section you'll discover:

  • The ‘Get the Right Gear’ template - a great list of essential (and nice to have) tools in your office.
  • Why the music you play in your office will either make you smarter or dumber - and which type of music to choose 
  • How to design the perfect productive environment (this will help you to install the right functional and inspirational elements in your office so you produce your best work)

Bonus Modules

Take your new productivity skills to new heights

Inbox Flow

Take back control

In this section you will discover:

  • The 3 driving factors of inbox flow (this is the high-level strategy for getting control of your inbox)
  • The 5 smart folders - these are the 5 most important folders you should have in your inbox and how to use them correctly
  • How to get ‘Decision Flow’… this will give you the skills to make faster decisions with each email, so you spend less time in your inbox and more time being productive.
  • You’ll walk away feeling clear, confident and ready to dominate your inbox!

Team Flow

Enhance your team

In this section you will discover:

  • The unique reason for why conflict it is important to team productivity
  • How to put an end to dumb meetings - and the secret to creating more dynamic ones (every time)
  • The ‘Brazilian BBQ technique’… this quirky little method can double the productivity of your team on its own
  • You’ll walk away excited to start using the tools with your team and create a healthy, productive and enjoyable team environment

Home Flow

Fulfilment at home

In this section you will discover:

  • The ‘Home Flow Method’ - a practical template for ensuring you and your family get their most important needs met. This will make for a really happy home.
  • Why setting the right expectation for a season is crucial to your personal and family happiness.
  • A simple, yet effective meal planner to ensure you feel like your meals are under control.
  • You’ll walk away from this training feeling excited, confident and ready to make your home flowing!


The 90 Day Method™ bonus is the most advanced tool for making every quarter in your year successful. It is a new method that brings together the key ideas you'll discover in the Productivity Academy and helps you to implement them in a fast and easy way. You'll have clarity, confidence and an easy plan to make every 90 days count.

Easiest way to earn CPDs

This course is presented as a series of video presentations, with downloadable worksheet activities to cement your learnings. Watch one video per week, for 8 weeks - you only need to diarise 45 minutes a week! Or have a movie marathon and immerse yourself in some deep learning over a full weekend!

  • Learn online from anywhere

    You can access this course on a desktop, tablet or mobile. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Icon & text

    You can learn whenever you like, at a pace that suits you. This course is provided on demand. You can start, stop and resume a course any time, and you can access it as many times as you like once you purchase this course.Learn anytime, at your own pace.

  • Earn CPD/CLE credits - 5 points

    Lawyers in all Australian States and Territories can earn 5 CPD / CLE credits for completing this course (Professional Skills category and/or Practice Management and Business Skills). Lawyers based outside of Australia need to check the requirements for CPD / CLE credits in their own States.

Meet your coach, Colin

Colin Boyd

Colin Boyd

Colin is a Productivity and Engagement expert. His obsession is about giving people the mindset and skill set to live at their next level of contribution. Every session with Colin packs a punch, that’s why clients like Coca Cola, Suncorp, Fuji Xero and Hewlett Packard continue to use him to help their best people excel even higher.Colin is a certified Peak Performance Coach with the ICF, NLP Practitioner, holds a Bachelors Degree of Commerce and Diploma of Executive Coaching. He is known for providing fresh insights on improving productivity and persuasion. You’ll walk away from a session with him feeling confident and equipped to unlock your next level of potential.

What others said

“I’ve found the insights into distraction and procrastination to be very relevant. The Alignment module has helped to give me real clarity. I also love the practical, ‘take the bull by the horns' approach with this program. It’s given me the tools I needed.”  - Philip Graham, Watermark International 

“The Productivity Academy has quickly put things into perspective, because I often feel like a dog chasing it’s own tail. I’m learning lots about myself and the strategies I must implement to actually bring back control in my life. From the first module I’ve already done lots of practical things to get rid of distractions. I’ve also been starting each day using the “Daily Output Booster” and this has made a massive impact on my productivity!” - Marcin Michalak

“The Productivity Academy has really upgraded my thinking and results. Initially, I was a little bit hesitant because I’ve been in leadership roles for many years and didn’t want to hear the same old ideas I’ve heard before. But right from the first module the Productivity Academy helped me to get clear on my next level of effectiveness. The content is fresh, practical and personal. The architecture of the program has been beautifully designed for the user experience. This is a sophisticated product for smart people. The program has helped me feel back in control and I’ve been able to implement more strategic initiatives than ever before. ” - Kylie Ross, Suncorp Personal Insurance

"The program was really helpful and to be honest, a bit of a wakeup call to make me realise how ineffectively I have been using my time. [Colin] explained my exact thought process, where I thought I was being really organised for the first few weeks and then just slowly became lazier and lazier. There is at least one thing out of each module that I can take away to help me prioritise my time better. I particularly found the 90 day plan, weekly planning/daily output booster and the decision flow for emails helpful. Also just being a bit more aware and conscious of how my brain operates and how spending more time on planning will actually help me use my time more effectively." - Ali Tope, RACT

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Productivity Academy
    • Introduction Activity
    • Productivity Mastery Full Workbook
  • 2


    • Mindset Part 1
    • Mindset Part 2
    • Mindset Part 3
    • Mindset Activity
  • 3


    • Alignment Part 1
    • Alignment Part 2
    • Alignment Part 3
    • Alignment Activity
  • 4


    • Implementation Part 1
    • Implementation Part 2
    • Implementation Part 3
    • Implementation Part 4
    • Implementation Part 5
    • Implementation Activity
    • Daily Output Booster
  • 5


    • Energy Part 1
    • Energy Part 2
    • Energy Part 3
    • Energy Activity
  • 6


    • Environment Part 1
    • Environment Part 2
    • Environment Activity
  • 7


    • Inbox Flow Part 1
    • Inbox Flow Part 2
    • Bonus Activity Inbox Flow
  • 8


    • Team Flow Part 1
    • Team Flow Part 2
    • Team Flow Part 3
    • Bonus Activity Team Flow
  • 9


    • Home Flow Part 1
    • Home Flow Part 2
    • Bonus Activity Home Flow
  • 10


    • 90 Day Method - Principles
    • 90 Day Method - Practicals
    • 90 Day Method Worksheet A2
    • 90 Day Method Worksheet A3
    • Theme Library

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